Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nautical Thrift Haul!

Who doesn't love new clothes? I mean, they're so exciting and can spice up your closet with just an article of clothing. This is why I love thrifting! I can find really eclectic items that no one else has! The history behind pieces can be felt with each unique piece I find. Not only does it inspire creativity by developing stories for the pieces, but creating outfits out of them is so much fun. I recently went on a few trips to the thrift store for a course I'm taking and found a ton of new items! Here are a few shots of a nautical outfit I put together with purely thrifted items!

The entire outfit is ready for a weekend on a boat! This theme is so appropriate for summer.

The light chambray drawstring pant are comfortable, yet chic (when ironed, they look a mess right now). The white cropped-sleeve cardigan adds texture and a little warmth for the chilly ocean breeze. The bag with the ship hardware add a nautical touch, and the whale earrings are just so appropriate and adorable! The bright red flats add a pop of colour necessary to this oceanic outfit.

Each item was less than $10 and I find it so adorable. I wear the pants very often, since they're so comfortable, and I think each item is unique yet incredible wearable. I hope I've inspired you to thrift if you don't already! Let me know if you've found anything you really love!

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