Saturday, 12 July 2014

Neob Lavender Festival

Inside the lavender field
Today, the Neob Lavender Festival was held at their location in Niagara on the Lake. I have been to this lavender store quite a few times and love it! The store is located in a barn type building with a wine tour store adjoining the building. A wonderful antique store is also located on the property with a beautiful lavender field right next store. I visited the lavender store to purchase culinary lavender (recipe coming soon!) and the cashier gave me tickets to their lavender festival. I was so excited to go and I'm super glad I made it. 

The tickets for general admission are $5 and the upgraded tickets were $15. I sprang for the upgraded wristband and boy, was it worth it! I got to try so many different foods and beverages containing lavender. I never knew just how many foods lavender is amazing in.

Upon entering the festival, I received a complimentary lavender plant and the lavender tent filled with food and drinks was directly in the front. I tried lavender soda water (which was complimentary to all festival goers), lemongrass raspberry ice cream topped with lavender syrup, a treat the store has always had as far as I know, lavender lemonade, lavender flatbread pizza, but my favorite was their watermelon goat cheese salad also topped with their lavender syrup. It was so incredibly refreshing! Going further into the festival, I found a cooking seminar with the main star being lavender, of course!

There were multiple tents arranged on the field which had so many little homemade crafts, much like a trade show, along with culinary delights (jams, jellies, salsas; the usual suspects). I purchased a really cute sustainable ring from Argentina and a sampler pack of jellies in the flavors: Vanilla Pear, Tomato Garlic, & Red Pepper Jelly.
They are hosting another festival of Garlic & Herb on September 14th, 2014. I know what I'm doing on that day! I will post links to the festival's website for you to purchase tickets, I highly recommend going!

Shot of the tea collection at the lavender store
Tour being held inside the greenhouse

My new ring!
Thanks for reading! (ring)

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